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Gizmo and Wicket

Ch Shambalah's Kha This Lil Siggi "Gizmo" (right) was my first Tibetan Terrier; I got him in 1991.  He flew first class in a duffle bag from B.C. with my girlfriend who happened to be a flight attendent.  A few years later my second Tibetan Terrier Ch Kyeri's Jokhang "Wicket" (left) travelled along side with his brother Mckenna, and joined the troops. Gizmo and Wicket both lived fruitful lives of 16 and 12 years, spreading joy to all of those they encountered.

The beginning of it all... the love,  the passion, the obsession, the career.


Ch Simkiri  Oreo a male from a breeding with Ch Shambalah's Kha this lil Siggi, and Ch Sheydon's Norbu Lamo.  A delight he was to our lives and  a caring soul to all humans and dogs.  Oreo died at 14 years old in my arms. He took the burden off my shoulders, it was just like him to do that.  We loved him very much. He was my rock through some hard times...

#1 hypoallergenic dog
dogs that don't shed
Neeto and Cloud

​Neeto and  Cloud were the start of my breeding program, GCh. Aisha's Netto Domino  became a Multi group place winner Canadian and UKC Champion, as well as #1 Tibetan Terrier in 2005 and 8th in Non-Sporting. Numerous awards and very well known in the World of Tibetan Terrier lovers.  Ch Aisha's Silver Lining (Cloud) posing in pink. She is neurotic and goofy as they come, but an outstanding mother and household companion she will always be...

My 1st place boy. Number one Tibetan Terrier in Canada.
#1 Show Dog in the World


Suri was a Neeto and Cloud puppy out of my third litter. She finished her Championship as a junior puppy and remaines the princess of the pack. Suri was then bred to Bentley a lovely male owned by Rhonda Bailey from Calgary.  She had her first litter in September 2012 with just one pup a female we named Solo. 


Solo, daughter of Suri and Bentley is now  a look alike to her

mom, Suri.  She has completed her Canadian Championship and is looking forward to her own litter of puppies in the near future.  

Solo and Suri having fun as a brace.



GCh. Oneeto's Keeper To Carry On "Keeper", the Golden Boy,  son of Suri and Bentley born March 16, 2013.  A champion at 6 months.  Our Golden boy is still the king of the roost, and a delightful addition to our family with human like qualities, a soul that speaks to you and a charming loyalty that would never fail.

The strong and beautiful lineage continues with Keeper, another top Canadian Tibetan Terrier, multiple years running... and all the love in the world.


Ch. Oneeto's Oakley Amore "Oakley" is daughter of Suri and Frisco. She is my newest breeding bitch and has a fantastic little spirit that bonds easily with the other dogs. You can see her here (gold, brindle and black) hanging out with her two best friends, my beautiful granddaughter Scotia and Keeper (left). Scotia and Oakley are parading around in the annual Halloween show in true Tibetan spirit.



GCh. Oneeto's Prairie Golden Renew "Prairie" is daughter of Keeper and Oakley. She is the gift that keeps on giving. Her beautiful aura is that of a princess wrapped up in a dainty and sweet bundle of love.

As the newest member of the pack, she knows her place among the gang, already producing pups of her own and keeping the rest in line.


Ch. Oneeto's Playa Blessings in Disguise "Playa". A fierce little warrior that infuses her environment with a zest for life. She is a saucy, stubborn, sweet and cuddly little personality, and she operates on her own timeframe.

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